Feed That Wolf

The One You Feed is a show I often listen to on my hikes or while doing chores around the house.  It starts with the parable of the two wolves. You know the one. They have great guests and it’s always an interesting conversation. the best website to buy viagra and cialis

The guest this week is our friend Kristin Neff, who my wife and I met because of our work at Square Peg Foundation — especially with Autism. buy cialis

Joell knows Kristin better than I because of her many trips out to Kristin’s place near Austin, Texas to work with Kristin’s husband at Horseboy Foundation, but I follow Kristin’s work with interest.

Kristin Neff, Ph.D. is Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of Texas at Austin, and her pioneering post-doctoral research on Self-Compassion is the basis for her book, Self Compassion: The proven Power of Being Kind to Yourself, and The Center for Mindful Self-Compassion, which she started with  Dr. Christopher Germer of Harvard Medical School. These ideas are also well aligned with our Square Peg Foundation work and my consulting in technology and business.

This interview with Kristin is a great introduction to her research and the core ideas behind mindfulness and self-compassion. Enjoy!

The One You Feed #106: Kristin Neff

New to Podcasts?

I recommend Overcast for iOS. I’ve heard great things about Pocket Casts for Android (and also for iOS) cialis generic online

And, Beer!

I’m fascinated by Noble Brewer, a startup I discovered today at Launch Festival 2015. As they say,

We interview dozens of homebrewers to find the very best to feature in Noble Brewer. Once we’ve selected our homebrewers, we work with a professional brewery to produce our homebrewers award winning recipes. Then when the beer’s ready, we combine all our homebrewer’s beers into a single shipment and deliver to you!

What’s interests me here is that Claude and Lauralynnn have identified a niche where people are passionate, both as consumers and as creators. I’ve only had a short conversation with them, but I’m impressed by how they are thinking about this market and I’ll be watching eagerly to see what they do with it.

Update: because I joined, I have a link for you to get the same special deal, even if you aren’t here at Launch Festival:


That will get you a special promotional price for your first month. Move quickly… the discount is reduced as more people join.

Moving to a new server

I have moved my site (several of them, actually) to a new server. Unfortunately, my old host doesn’t yet support SNI, and I was up for annual renewal and just decided to make the leap to a different provider. It’s also an opportunity for me to duplicate my environment on my web server and on the little server I’ve cobbled together at home using an old PC.

Both are running Ubuntu 14.04, with nginx as the web server, and a variety of other basic stuff. Setting all this up is a fun learning experience for me, getting back into my *nix roots and working with some of the latest tools.

More on details of this later.