Technology, Products, and People

For me, technology has always presented a special promise — a whole range of possibilities for improving life and connecting us to one another. I enjoy working with teams who are trying to build something that matters… products and services that make a difference in people’s lives. Sometimes it’s life-saving technology, and sometimes it’s just something that makes you smile and allows you to share and connect with others.

Consulting – Innovation, Product Strategy, and Operations

I have extensive technical expertise in internet technologies and computing systems (both hardware and software), and global business experience in service operations, product marketing, product management, and startups.

I also continue the work started in my earlier SupportUX business, helping companies integrate their strategy for customer engagement, reputation, and social media with their support and services operations.

I am taking new clients on a project or advisory basis. Please contact me directly for an initial meeting – I am darius at dunlaps dot net.

Technology Strategy — Digital Strategy, Privacy, and Integration

I help people and small organizations with technology strategy and IT systems implementation and support. I can help you figure out how to upgrade your web presence, better ensure your privacy, or just make everything work better together. Depending on your needs, I can pull experts from a range of disciplines to help get you setup, and even vet ongoing solution providers to keep you running and handle your day-to-day IT support needs. I help small non-profits at a discounted rate. Please contact me for details.

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