Why your computer runs slow – Flash

My computers are all set up with Adobe Flash installed. I also run a Flash Blocker on every browser. Since first installing a Flash blocker, my computer is more reliable and websites load faster. Adobe’s CTO is happy to blame Apple, of course:

“That’s what upsets me the most,” he says. “That people put energy into making this stuff, and now some percentage of viewers can’t see it anymore because one company chooses so. That’s just totally counter to our values.”

Excerpt from: Adobe CTO on MacBook Air, HTML5: Flash Battery Problems a “False Argument” | Fast Company

Apple’s fight with Adobe over Flash is a symptom of a problem. It’s not the problem. I don’t see any Flash ads. Ever. The only time I click to box to allow Flash is when it is actually delivering the user experience I want. I think that’s going to be less and less.

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